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[[!tag todo/discuss]]
[[!tag todo/research]]
TorK had the ability to choose and exclude exit nodes on the fly
(rather than constantly rewriting an ExitNodes list by hand).
......@@ -33,3 +33,12 @@ of room on the CD.
>> violate their user policy. By policy they do allow limited
>> non-abusive use for people who can find temporarily unblocked
>> exit nodes.
>>> The points you are making seem pretty valid to me. Let us find a
>>> way to make these two usecases possible in T(A)ILS. Help is
>>> welcome if you want this to happen rather soon. The best solution
>>> IMHO would be to add such features to Vidalia... or find a way to
>>> reduce our images size and add support for multiple Tor
>>> controllers (e.g. one of our custom scripts kill/restart Vidalia
>>> at some point).
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