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......@@ -289,6 +289,8 @@ Developers with write access to the repositories should instead:
git clone
See the [[release process|release_process/iceweasel]].
<a id="whisperback"></a>
......@@ -45,9 +45,7 @@ Use the tool [i18nspector](
To copy, install and run it issue the following commands in the folder where
you want to download it:
hg clone
apt-get install python3 python3-polib
sudo ln -s i18nspector /usr/local/bin
apt-get install i18nspector/unstable
i18nspector <PO file>
Run i18nspector on all the wiki
[[!toc levels=2]]
New Firefox release
If Iceweasel was not updated to match the new Firefox release we want,
a bit more work is needed.
* Download the Firefox tarball and detached signature.
* Check the signature.
* Extract the tarball.
* `cd` into the extracted directory.
* Copy the `debian/` directory from our previous package into the new
upstream source directory.
* Use `dch` to add a `debian/changelog` entry matching the new
upstream version.
* Download and repack the other tarballs:
make -f debian/rules download
* `cd` into our Iceweasel Git directory.
* Checkout the `tails/master` branch.
* Get yourself a new upstream branch:
git branch -d upstream && \
git branch upstream tails/master
* Trick the tarball importer to import the correct version:
cp mozilla-esr17/browser/config/version.txt git/browser/config/
cp mozilla-esr17/debian/changelog git/debian/
* Import the new upstream release into the `upstream` branch:
make -f debian/rules import
* Merge the import commit into `tails/master`:
git reset --hard && \
git checkout tails/master && \
git merge upstream
* Get the `debian` directory back:
git checkout HEAD^ -- debian
git commit -m 'Get Debian packaging directory back.'
* Cleanup quilt status:
rm -rf .pc
* Apply all quilt patches:
quilt push -a
New iceweasel release
FIXME: add missing steps to merge iceweasel's updated Git if possible,
to import the source package into Git else.
Update Torbrowser patches
* Make sure all quilt patches are applied.
* Unapply all Torbrowser patches: use `quilt pop` as many times
as needed.
* Remove all Torbrowser patches from the series:
quilt unapplied | xargs -n 1 quilt delete
* Remove Torbrowser patches from Git:
git rm -r debian/patches/torbrowser/
* Commit.
* Import the latest TBB patches:
for patch in $(\ls --reverse ${TBB_SRC}/src/current-patches/firefox/*.patch) ; do
p=$(basename "$patch")
quilt import -P "torbrowser/$p" "$patch"
git add debian/patches/torbrowser
TBB_COMMIT=$(git --git-dir=$TBB_SRC/.git rev-parse HEAD)
git commit -a -m "Import Torbrowser patches at commit ${TBB_COMMIT}."
* Remove from the quilt series, using `quilt delete`, the Torbrowser
patches we don't want: see `debian/changelog` for the list of
patches skipped last time, see the TBB Git log to make your opinion
about new or updated patches, use common sense. Commit with
a message explaining your decisions.
* Apply Torbrowser patches:
quilt push -a && git commit -a -m 'Apply Torbrowser patches.'
......@@ -483,4 +483,5 @@ language.
possible using GNOME's *Connect to server* feature
(once [[!tails_todo fix Internet FTP support]] is fixed)
* The Tails signing key in `/usr/share/keyrings/tails-keyring.gpg`
should be up-to-date.
should be up-to-date (that is, neither it nor one its subkeys must
have expired, or be about to expire any time soon).
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ developers).
* Markdown syntax:
- [redcarpet formatter](
(ITP: [[!debbug 685483]]): Marked as compatible with 1.x and 2.x,
In the Debian NEW queue. Marked as compatible with 1.x and 2.x,
but the version that is being packaged is the one for 2.x.
Depends on [[!debpkg ruby-redcarpet]] that is in Wheezy, but not
in Squeeze, and may be a pain to backport due to a few missing build-deps.
Our Iceweasel release process is quite complicated and hard to guess.
We should document it.
We should complete our [[existing
documentation|contribute/release_process/iceweasel]] about it.
[[!tag todo/documentation]]
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