Commit 65e48d3f authored by anonym's avatar anonym

Add known issue in Tails 2.4.

parent 0a2350cf
......@@ -75,6 +75,11 @@ For more details, read our [changelog](
- The automatic account configuration of *Icedove* freezes when
connecting to some email providers. ([[!tails_ticket 11486]])
- In some cases Icedove sending an email results in the error: "The
message could not be sent using Outgoing server (SMTP) for an unknown reason." When this happens, simply
click "Ok" and try again and it should work. ([[!tails_ticket 10933]])
- The update of the *Mesa* graphical library introduce new problems at
least on AMD HD 7770 and nVidia GT 930M.
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