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Add section about 'Future plans'.

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......@@ -216,6 +216,29 @@ reproducibility problem. But the aufs "Pseudo Link" feature
was still causing problems, which were resolved by calling
auplink to flush these pseudo-links.
Future plans
As you can see in the Inputs section, the situation is still not
ideal; we want the only input to be a specific state of the Tails
source code, so the other two inputs would have to be eliminated
some how:
1. We need to ensure that the "snapshots of a few APT archives" indeed
are/were true snapshots of the Debian APT repos (at the specific
time) that they claim to be. This could probably be done during
each Tails build, before using the snapshot.
1. The same goes for our "custom, overlay APT repository", when we
re-upload packages straight from Debian there (sometimes we need to
deviate from the snapshotted APT repo with just a few packages);
packages that we currently build ourselves and upload to this repo
should instead themselves be made to build reproducibly, and then
be built during the Tails build process.
This work is on our roadmap for 2019:
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