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Reorder and merge things together.

parent 995ef19e
......@@ -20,21 +20,28 @@ relationship with Debian.
* Work on our [tickets about Debian
* Maintain backports for Wheezy: [[!debpts i18nspector]], [[!debpts
monkeysign]], [[!debpts seahorse-nautilus]], [[!debpts poedit]],
[[!debpts pidgin]], [[!debpts liferea]], [[!debpts redmine]],
[[!debpts ruby-passenger]], [[!debpts ruby-rjb]], etc.
* Join us to maintain [[!debpts mat]], [[!debpts libgsecuredelete]],
[[!debpts nautilus-wipe]], [[!debpts torsocks]] and [[!debpts
* Join the [Debian OTR Team](, that
maintains [[!debpts pidgin-otr]], [[!debpts libotr]], and more.
* Help maintain backports for Wheezy:
- [[!debpts i18nspector]]
- [[!debpts liferea]]
- [[!debpts monkeysign]]
- [[!debpts pidgin]]
- [[!debpts poedit]]
- [[!debpts redmine]]
- [[!debpts ruby-libvirt]]
- [[!debpts ruby-passenger]]
- [[!debpts ruby-rjb]]
- [[!debpts seahorse-nautilus]]
- Xorg stack (at least the foundations and the major drivers)
* Help maintain packages:
- [[!debpts libgsecuredelete]]
- [[!debpts mat]]
- [[!debpts nautilus-wipe]]
- OTR-related packages ([[!debpts pidgin-otr]], [[!debpts libotr]],
and more) in the [Debian OTR Team](
- [[!debpts torsocks]]
- [[!debpts vidalia]]
* Help [improving Debian's AppArmor
* Help maintain [[!debpts ruby-libvirt]] in Debian, including
up-to-date wheezy-backports.
* Maintain the Xorg stack in wheezy-backports (at least the
foundations and the major drivers).
* Set up automated QA of [Debian Live](
development branches, and/or change the workflow of this project so
that one can backport improvements into the stable branches.
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