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SponsorS report: draft C.4.

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......@@ -153,4 +153,38 @@ DAVE" use case is left to complete.
This is now only blocked by the work that is in progress on DAVE
## C.4. Maintain our already existing services
XXX: bertagaz, please review/complete
- C.4.6. Administer our services upto milestone VI
We kept on answering the requests from the community and taking care
of security updates.
We noticed that old Puppet reports were not cleaned up as they
should on our infrastructure, so we fixed this and submitted a merge
request to the Puppet module we use to manage… Puppet itself
([[!tails_ticket 11468]]).
We noticed that our four newest virtual machines used to
continuously run our automated test suite on all ISO images built by
our Jenkins instance (B.2) did not reboot as intended between test
suite runs. We investigated the root cause of the problem, and fixed
it ([[!tails_ticket 11467]]).
We ported everything that made sense to, in our Puppet
infrastructure, to use [Hiera](
Not only this simplified a lot how we manage systems, but more
importantly, this allowed us to release quite a bit more of our
Puppet code. This is part of our strategy to treat infrastructure as
code, and to enable more people to contribute to it without needing
any special credentials.
We streamlined email reporting from failed cronjobs across our
infrastructure, to ensure we don't miss problems.
We did lots of refactoring and miscellaneous clean ups in our Puppet
code. Sprint cleaning!
# E. Release management
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