Commit 3b5c8a6f authored by sajolida's avatar sajolida

Explain better when emails are saved as drafts

parent 5e151ce8
......@@ -8,9 +8,12 @@ remote IMAP server.
- When sending an email, *Claws Mail* copies the email in plaintext to
the sending queue of the IMAP server before encrypting the email.
*Claws Mail* deletes this plaintext copy after sending the email.
- If an email is saved as draft, *Claws Mail* saves the email in
plaintext on the server. By default in Tails, drafts are not stored
automatically on the server.
- *Claws Mail* drafts in plaintext on the server. An email can be
saved as draft either:
- Manually by clicking on the **Draft** button when composing an email.
- Automatically if you selected the **automatically save message to
Draft folder** option in the writing preferences. This option is
deselected by default in Tails.
**All users of *Claws Mail* using IMAP and its OpenPGP plug-in are affected.**
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