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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Tails comes with utilities for LUKS, a standard for disk-encryption under Linux.
- The GNOME <span class="application">Disk Utility</span>, allows you to
create encrypted volumes.
- The GNOME Desktop, allows you to open encrypted volumes.
- The GNOME desktop, allows you to open encrypted volumes.
<div class="note">
......@@ -116,5 +116,5 @@ be deleted during the operation.
according to the size of the available diskspace. Be patient…
Note that a file called <span class="filename"></span> is
created in the folder. Nautilus Wipe tries to make it as big as possible
created in the folder. <span class="application">Nautilus Wipe</span> tries to make it as big as possible
to use all the available diskspace and then securely deletes it.
[[!meta title="Introduction to GNOME and the Tails desktop"]]
The desktop environment uses in Tails is [GNOME 3](
The desktop environment used in Tails is [GNOME 3](
This page describes some important features of the desktop in the context of
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