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......@@ -9,16 +9,15 @@ donations|news/2018-fundraiser]]. We then described [[the achievements of
unveiling our plans for 2019. If you like them, please take the time to
So far the donation campaign has shown an important increase in numbers
of donors: +61%. This is what we were asking for and it is the
So far this year many more people have been donating (+61%) but we have
raised less money overall (-51%) because we are missing bigger
donations, especially in bitcoins.
This is what we were asking for and it is the
excellent sign of an expanding user base. And these users not only want
to improve their safety online, they also understand the active role
they have in sustaining projects such as Tails.
At the same time, the total amount donated is only 54% of what we
received last year. The explanation is simple: the large bitcoins
donations are missing.
In the first donation campaign blogpost we highlighted our need for
autonomy from state-controlled funds. In this third and probably last
blogpost of the campaign, we are forced to realize that being bound to
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