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    Adjust doc to the removal of Florence (refs: #8281). · af436cc5
    intrigeri authored
    Non-obvious changes include:
     * Adopt the "GNOME screen keyboard" and "screen keyboard" terminology, (as
       opposed to "virtual keyboard"): that's how this feature is called in the
       Accessibility menu and everywhere else in GNOME. The only exception is the
       doc/encryption_and_privacy/virtual_keyboard page, that I didn't bother
       rename: I bet sajolida would rename it again to give it an even better name
       anyway ;)
     * Drop corresponding doc in the intro to GNOME: we only have to present the
       elements visible on screen when starting Tails, and there is no such element
       anymore for the screen keyboard.
     * Drop the picture as I don't think it's needed: once enabled, the screen
       keyboard is so visible one cannot really miss it.
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