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[[!meta date="Fri Mar 10 01:23:45 2014"]]
[[!meta title="Tails launches a logo contest"]]
[[!tag announce]]

On the 29th of April, we will release Tails 1.0. This will be an important
symbolic milestone about 5 years after our [[first public

We want to have a great logo by then to give Tails the visual impact it
deserves. The [image](https://tails.boum.org/lib/tails-logo-round.png) and
banner we have been using so far don't really do the job anymore...

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So we're starting a contest for designers to create a logo for Tails.
We have already brainstormed on the idea, and received some great
proposals [[!tails_ticket 5797 desc="in the past"]]. Still, we had
a hard time making our collective mind on a single proposal, and
wanted to give more people a chance.

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  - Free licence, compatible with GPL3+.
  - Source in SVG format.
  - An image with an approximate 1:1 ratio, like the [onion
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Tails developers committed
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  - Plus the same image along with the "Tails" word either:
    - merged with the image as in the [Tor
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    - on the side of the image.
  - The "Tails" name must be spelled with an uppercase "T" only, and
    lowercase "ails".
  - The image should convey the ideas behind Tails: secrecy, privacy,
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    anonymity, mystery, simplicity (Tails is ready-to-use).
  - The logo has to be a bit serious, but not sad.
  - Until now we reuse the colors from Tor (green and purple), but this can be
39 40
  - We cannot reuse directly the Tor or Debian logo, but evoking it is ok (use
    Tor colors, or evoking the Debian swirl).
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  - The image should be suited to print on nice stickers that people
    want to have on their computers, and on t-shirts that people are
    happy to wear.
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  - Make sure that the fonts that you use are compatible with GPL3+. To be on
    the safe side, use [fonts available in Debian
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    otherwise we will ask you to prove their compatibility with GPL3+.
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Complementary materials

As the logo will be used in quite different places, we encourage you to submit
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complementary materials. These are not strict requirements but will help us
evaluate your proposal better. Besides, if your logo is chosen, we
will need them anyway before we are able to put it to use publicly.

These complementary materials are:
58 59 60

  - A banner for the website. The current one is 986x60px, but the new one could
    be higher, maybe up to 150px.
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  - A [splash screen for
    boot](https://git-tails.immerda.ch/tails/plain/data/splash.png). Must be
    640x480px with a black background, 8-bit/RGBA. It has to be
    distinguishable by the user
    as Tails, but discrete enough not to attract too much attention from other
    people around.
67 68 69
  - A color palette for the website, if it needs to be adapted to
    match the logo.
  - Fonts to be used to create other material matching the logo.
70 71
  - A [CSS patch](http://git.tails.boum.org/tails/tree/wiki/src/local.css) for
    colors and fonts on the website, if you are into CSS.
  - A grayscale version of the logo.
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Tails developers committed
  - **31st of March**: Deadline for sending proposals to
78 79
    <tails-dev@boum.org>. No attachments to the email, but link to
    a public place where we can find your work.
  - **9th of April**: The winner is announced.
  - **15th of April**: All the complementary materials have to be ready so we have
    time to include them in Tails 1.0. The designer of the winning logo is
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    strongly encouraged to do this work, before or after the deadline for