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How to [[build]] custom Live Systems based on amnesia?

[[!toc levels=2]]

# amnesia-specific settings

The settings that can be customized can be found in `config/amnesia`;
e.g. images types to build, desktop environment.

You'd better never directly edit this file: rather put your custom
variable assignments in a new `config/amnesia.local` file. The values
found in the `.local` file will override the ones from the
upstream one.

These configuration files are actually shell scripts, and are sourced
by various other scripts.

# Debian Live settings

amnesia is based on Debian Live. Nearly everything can thus be
customized. To learn how to do so, refer to the Debian Live
[website]( and


One may want to build an image including a modified version of the
live user's `$HOME` directory. There are multiple ways to do so:

1. editing and creating files in `config/chroot_local-includes/home/amnesia/`
2. droping shell scripts in `config/chroot_local-hooks/` to modify
   `/home/amnesia` in a program-driven way (`gconftool`, etc.)
3. eventually, one may run the live system, do the desired
   modifications, save the resulting `/home/amnesia` directory, then
   use the `home-refresh` script to import the modifications into the
   directory used to build images from, i.e.
   `config/chroot_local-includes/home/amnesia`. Read the (scarse)
   documentation at the top of this script.