Commit 497deeed authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers

Clarify the use case of a skipped 0.21 upgrade

- Use simple past instead of past perfect.
- Link to Tails 0.21 ISO.
- Explain that things are like this for "security reasons".
parent 8a3548c0
......@@ -26,10 +26,13 @@ correctly until the upgrade is made.
But this automatic upgrade might not be sufficient in some cases.
1. **If you have skipped the Tails 0.21 upgrade and have upgraded
to a newer version**, then try the automatic upgrade process
documented above, or follow the instructions to [[manually copy
1. **If you skipped the upgrade to Tails 0.21 and upgraded directly
to Tails 0.22 or later**, then install [Tails
0.21]( to run the automatic upgrade
described above, or follow the instructions to [[manually copy
your persistent data to a new device|copy_to_a_new_device]].
For security reasons the automatic upgrade is not available in Tails 0.22 or
1. **If you have custom persistence settings or use
[[additional software packages|configure#additional_software]]**, the
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