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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

parents 21aec2fd 3622ea25
......@@ -9,4 +9,4 @@ We're working this around (`bugfix/no_passwordless_sudo`) in ugly ways
for 0.19 final.
However, this should really be fixed [[!taglink todo/upstream]]:
[[!debbug XXX]].
[[!debbug 712232]].
The Unsafe Browser won't start at all in Tails 0.19~rc1. When the
`unsafe-browser` script tries to start iceweasel, it dies with:
** ERROR **: Cannot find a safe socket path in '/tmp'
and `dmesg` says:
[ 57.419802] aufs au_cpup_single:764:iceweasel[4743]: I/O Error, failed removing broken entry(-1, -1)
[ 57.419837] aufs au_cpup_single:675:iceweasel[4743]: I/O Error, i84679 exists on a upper branch but not pseudo-linked
[ ... last line repeated ~1000 times ...]
It seems 0.19~rc1's new Linux kernel (3.9) introduced an
[aufs regression](
([another thread]([email protected]/msg04187.html)).
Until there's an [[!taglink todo/upstream]] fix, a quick workaround is
to unset the sticky bit on the `$COW` tmpfs dir used for the aufs
union. This is done in the branch
[[!tag todo/qa]]
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