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Note that you need the qemu command, which is provided on wheezy by the `qemu-system` package.
* Start the VM
- with default CPU (pae)
kvm -cdrom tails.iso -m 5120 -no-reboot -no-shutdown
qemu -enable-kvm -cdrom tails.iso -m 5120 -no-reboot -no-shutdown
- with 486 CPU
kvm -cpu 486 -cdrom tails.iso -m 5120 -no-reboot -no-shutdown
qemu -enable-kvm -cpu 486 -cdrom tails.iso -m 5120 -no-reboot -no-shutdown
* Open the qemu console (CTRL-ALT-2).
* Save physical memory to the `tails.dump` file (length is an integer, max size for one dump is 4G = 0xF0000000):
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Memory erasure
Tested with [qemu pmemsave]
Tested with [[erase_memory_on_shutdown/qemu_pmemsave]]
### PAE
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