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## 2013
* 2013-12-12: In [A conversation with Bruce
as part of the "Snowden, the NSA and free software" cycle at
Columbia Law School NYC, Bruce Schneier says:
- "I think most of the public domain privacy tools are going to be
safe, yes. I think GPG is going to be safe. I think OTR is going
to be safe. I think that Tails is going to be safe. I do think
that these systems, because they were not -- you know, the NSA has
a big lever when a tool is written closed-source by a for-profit
corporation. There are levers they have that they don't have in
the open source international, altruistic community. And these are
generally written by crypto-paranoids, they're pretty well
designed. We make mistakes, but we find them and we correct them,
and we're getting good at that. I think that the NSA is going
after these tools, they're going after implementations."
- "What do I trust? I trust, I trust Tails, I trust GPG [...]"
- "We can make it harder, we can make it more expensive, we can make
it more risky. And yes, every time we do something to increase one
of those, we're making ourselves safer. [...] There are tools we
are deploying in countries all over the world, that are keeping
people alive. Tor is one of them. I mean, Tor saves lives. [...]
And every time you use Tor [...] provides cover for everyone else
who uses Tor [...]"
* 2013-11: The German-speaking ADMIN magazine [reviews
* 2013-10 : (in french) Framablog, [Le chiffrement, maintenant](, contains a whole chapter about Tails.
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