Commit 07e0cbed authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Really wrap Totem with torsocks when it's started as a D-Bus service.

The fix from 24f2ccd7 did not do anything (anymore?) as the Exec= line
in this D-Bus service file passes the --gapplication-service option,
so the regexp would not match. As a result, Totem started from the
Applications menu was not torified, and could not open web URLs.
This was not spotted earlier because our test suite runs Totem
from a terminal, bypassing any .desktop of D-Bus .service file.
parent 5c290174
......@@ -27,5 +27,5 @@ done
# Redirect to existing wrapper
sed -i'' --regexp-extended 's,^Exec=pidgin$,Exec=/usr/local/bin/pidgin,' \
sed -i'' --regexp-extended 's,^Exec=/usr/bin/totem$,Exec=/usr/local/bin/totem,' \
sed -i'' --regexp-extended 's,^Exec=/usr/bin/totem(\s+.*)?$,Exec=/usr/local/bin/totem,' \
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