Commit 1e103e36 authored by Tom Reynkens's avatar Tom Reynkens

Remove maintainer field in DESCRIPTION as it is already set using Authors@R

parent 70392474
Type: Package
Package: smurf
Title: Sparse Multi-Type Regularized Feature Modeling
Date: 2018-09-25
Date: 2018-09-28
Authors@R: c(
person("Tom", "Reynkens", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre"),
comment = c(ORCID = "0000-0002-5516-5107")),
person("Sander", "Devriendt", email = "", role = "aut"),
person("Katrien", "Antonio", role = "aut")
Maintainer: Tom Reynkens <>
Description: Implementation of the SMuRF algorithm to fit generalized linear models (GLMs) with multiple types of predictors via regularized maximum likelihood.
License: GPL (>= 2)
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