Improvements (from 1.5 series)

  • Rewrite of ProfileWidget's (Fixing UI glitches)
  • Rewrite of Translation loader (Better & More precise language selection)
  • Improved user UI interaction
  • Improved network player fetching
  • Improved file export overwrite safety
  • Improved multi thread safety
  • Improved import dialog (since dev7)
  • Ability to select a background colour for imports
  • Ability to see the Snapmatic Location on the PictureDialog
  • Ability to edit Snapmatic Properties on the PictureDialog
  • Ability to open the Snapmatic Crew from PictureDialog in Browser
  • Ability to import more variety of file formats as Snapmatic
  • Ability to change Snapmatic Location (since dev3)
  • Ability to edit Snapmatic JSON content (since dev4)
  • Ability to edit Snapmatic Players List (since dev6)
  • Fixed a lot previously undiscovered bugs through a code review
  • Fixed crash when loading malformed Snapmatics
  • Traditional Chinese translation added (since rc2)
  • Further code modernisation (since dev2)
  • RAM usage improvements (since dev3)
  • Interface customisation (since dev4)
  • User statistics settings (since dev9)
  • User statistics system (since dev8)
  • Mass tools (since dev7)

Bugfix (since 1.5.0 client)

  • Fix getCountryCode crash when ISO code is wrong
  • Fix bug which leads UI refresh signals to brick when user navigate through pictures

Bugfix (since 1.0.0 client)

  • Fixed issue with profile not closed after change GTA folder

Binaries (for 1.5.2 client)

  • Updated LibreSSL to 2.7.2

Translations+Binaries (for 1.5.3 client)

  • Updated LibreSSL to 2.7.3
  • Ukrainian translation added

Backport (for 1.5.4 client)

  • Backported new location files
  • Backported new g5e://about translator message box