update version number

parent 9d29d623
......@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@ componentName: swagarch
productName: SwagArch GNU/Linux
shortProductName: SwagArch
version: 19.02
shortVersion: 19.02
versionedName: SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.02
shortVersionedName: SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.02
version: 19.03
shortVersion: 19.03
versionedName: SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.03
shortVersionedName: SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.03
bootloaderEntryName: SwagArch
productUrl: https://swagarch.github.io
supportUrl: https://github.com/SwagArch/swagarch-build/issues
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