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Set you LimeSurvey instance on maintenance mode, for any purpose, update a survey, update instance ....
## Usage
In the plugin settings : you find different settings, the most important are the Date / time for maintenance mode. Just set a date with time here : the website are close to public.
## Installation
See [Install and activate a plugin for LimeSurvey](
You need [renderMessage]( plugin.
### Via GIT
- Go to your LimeSurvey Directory
- Clone in plugins/maintenanceMode directory
### Via ZIP dowload
- Download <>
- Extract : `unzip`
- Move the directory to plugins/ directory inside LimeSUrvey
## Translation
The plugin use po file for translation, if you need a transation in your language : please, make a pull request.
The file must be in locale/yourlanguagecode/messages.po, a modele.po is on locale directory.
## Home page & Copyright
- HomePage <>
- Copyright © 2017 Denis Chenu <>
Distributed under [AFFERO GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3]( licence.
If you need a more permissive Licence [contact](
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