Commit eac94cc1 authored by Chenu Denis's avatar Chenu Denis

[dev] Add template-core css in generated less

parent c3e915f0
/* Minimal RWD img/video */
.ls-answers img:not(.fixed-width),.ls-answers video:not(.fixed-width),.ls-answers svg:not(.fixed-width){
max-width: 100%;
/* See and */
.sr-only {
white-space: nowrap;
/* The sub question part must not be more visible than question */
.ls-answers label,.ls-answers th{font-weight:400}
/* Show input number at right alignment */
.dir-rtl [data-number='1']{text-align:left}
.slider-list .ls-group-dynamic [data-number='1']{text-align:center}
/* no form-group on radio-item and checkbox-item */,li.checkbox-item,,li.checkbox-text-item{margin-bottom:1em}
/* awesome-bootstrap-checkbox */,li.checkbox-item,,li.checkbox-text-item{display:block}
/* map item : .input-group-addon.checkbox-item : put awesome padding */
.dir-ltr,.dir-ltr .input-group-addon.checkbox-item {padding-left: (@grid-gutter-width / 2);}
.dir-rtl,.dir-rtl .input-group-addon.checkbox-item {padding-right: (@grid-gutter-width / 2);}
/* Else big label break*/
.radio-item label,.checkbox-item label {display:block}
.radio-item,.checkbox-item {position: relative;}
.radio-item input[type="radio"],.checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {/*give near same position to real button (except in td : can fix but not needed )*/
display: inline-block;
height: 17px;
position: absolute;
width: 17px;
.dir-ltr .radio-item input[type="radio"],.dir-ltr .checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {left: 0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item input[type="radio"],.dir-rtl .checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {right: 0;}
.radio-item input[type="radio"],.checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {opacity:0;}
@media only screen and (max-width: @screen-xs) {
.slider-list .slider-left{text-align:left}
.slider-list .slider-right {text-align:right;}
.dir-rtl .slider-list .slider-left{text-align:right}
.dir-rtl .slider-list .slider-right {text-align:left;}
* Table .question feature
/* We have some settings to set width of the table : use it */{table-layout:fixed}{width:100%}
/* Basic alignment forced vertical due to bs*/
.ls-answers > tbody > tr > td{vertical-align:middle}
.ls-answers > tbody > tr > th{vertical-align:middle}
.ls-answers .ls-heading > th{vertical-align:bottom}/* class replace multiple tag */
/* Basic alignment base horizontal due to no-more-table*/
.ls-answers tbody td{text-align:center}
.ls-answers td .form-control{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto} /* for .form-control[size] *//* display:inline-block is OK too */
.ls-answers tbody .control-label{text-align:right;}
.ls-answers .ls-heading th{text-align:center;}
.ls-answers tbody .answertext{text-align:right}
.ls-answers .answertextright{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers tbody .answertext{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers .answertextright{text-align:right}
/* ls-dynamic */
* awesome-bootstrap-checkbox inside table with an sr-only label
* @todo : .dir-rtl
/* reset the margin and review the padding set by bootstrap */ input[type="checkbox"], input[type="radio"]{margin: 0;}
/* We need complete width in array , but don't touch to padding-(top|bottom) */
.dir-ltr .ls-answers,.dir-ltr .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-left: 20px;padding-right: 0;}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers,.dir-rtl .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-right: 20px;padding-left: 0;}
/* show partially sr-only inside table */
.radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{
width: 17px;
height: 17px;
line-height: 21px;
text-indent: 21px;
.dir-ltr .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{left:auto;margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{right:auto;margin-right:-20px;}
/* no margin on label : no margin after and before too */
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item{margin-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item{margin-right:0;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:0;padding-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:0;padding-right:0;}
.checkbox-item {
line-height:17px;width:17px;text-align:center;text-indent: 0;
/* Hide the other content inside sr-only */
.radio-item > * ,.checkbox-item > *{
.dir-ltr .radio-item > * ,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item > * {left:-10000px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item > * ,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item > * {left:-10000px;}
/* hide answers for text-display question */
.boilerplate .answer-container {display:none;}
Max width before this PARTICULAR table gets nasty
For iPads specifically : add this : (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px)
only screen and (max-width: @screen-xs) { td {padding:@table-condensed-cell-padding;}, thead, tbody, th, td, tr {display: block;}
.dir-ltr,.dir-ltr thead,.dir-ltr tbody,.dir-ltr th,.dir-ltr td, tr {text-align:left;}
.dir-rtl,.dir-rtl thead,.dir-rtl tbody,.dir-rtl th,.dir-rtl td, tr {text-align:right;} thead{display:none} /* We don't need it for accessibility : we already have the label */ tbody td{text-align:left;} .information-item:empty{display:none}
.dir-rtl tbody td{text-align:right;}
.ls-answers,.ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding: 4px;}
.dir-ltr .ls-answers,.dir-ltr .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-left: 24px;}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers,.dir-rtl .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-right: 24px;} tbody .control-label{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl tbody .control-label{text-align:right} .answertextright{text-align:right}
.dir-rtl .answertextright{text-align:left}
/* Show the label */ .ls-label-xs-visibility
width: auto;
height: auto;
.dir-ltr .ls-label-xs-visibility{left:auto;}
.dir-rtl .ls-label-xs-visibility{right:auto;} .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility, .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{
line-height: initial;
text-indent: initial;
.dir-ltr .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{margin-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{margin-right:0;} .ls-label-xs-visibility > *
.dir-ltr .ls-label-xs-visibility > * {left:auto;}
.dir-rtl .ls-label-xs-visibility > * {right:auto;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:-20px;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:-20px;} > tbody > tr:hover {
background-color: transparent;
/* bs fix */ td.visible-xs, th.visible-xs{display:block !important}
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -29,9 +29,3 @@
@btn-danger-hover-color: @btn-danger-color;
@btn-danger-hover-bg: darken(@btn-danger-bg, 10%);
@btn-danger-hover-border: darken(@btn-danger-border, 12%);
//== specific element
@question-bg: inherit;
@question-border-color: lighten(@btn-primary-color, 50%);
@question-border-size: 1px;
@question-border-radius: @border-radius-base;
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