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[dev] Add template-core css in generated less

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/* Minimal RWD img/video */
.ls-answers img:not(.fixed-width),.ls-answers video:not(.fixed-width),.ls-answers svg:not(.fixed-width){
max-width: 100%;
/* See and */
.sr-only {
white-space: nowrap;
/* The sub question part must not be more visible than question */
.ls-answers label,.ls-answers th{font-weight:400}
/* Show input number at right alignment */
.dir-rtl [data-number='1']{text-align:left}
.slider-list .ls-group-dynamic [data-number='1']{text-align:center}
/* no form-group on radio-item and checkbox-item */,li.checkbox-item,,li.checkbox-text-item{margin-bottom:1em}
/* awesome-bootstrap-checkbox */,li.checkbox-item,,li.checkbox-text-item{display:block}
/* map item : .input-group-addon.checkbox-item : put awesome padding */
.dir-ltr,.dir-ltr .input-group-addon.checkbox-item {padding-left: (@grid-gutter-width / 2);}
.dir-rtl,.dir-rtl .input-group-addon.checkbox-item {padding-right: (@grid-gutter-width / 2);}
/* Else big label break*/
.radio-item label,.checkbox-item label {display:block}
.radio-item,.checkbox-item {position: relative;}
.radio-item input[type="radio"],.checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {/*give near same position to real button (except in td : can fix but not needed )*/
display: inline-block;
height: 17px;
position: absolute;
width: 17px;
.dir-ltr .radio-item input[type="radio"],.dir-ltr .checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {left: 0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item input[type="radio"],.dir-rtl .checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {right: 0;}
.radio-item input[type="radio"],.checkbox-item input[type="checkbox"] {opacity:0;}
@media only screen and (max-width: @screen-xs) {
.slider-list .slider-left{text-align:left}
.slider-list .slider-right {text-align:right;}
.dir-rtl .slider-list .slider-left{text-align:right}
.dir-rtl .slider-list .slider-right {text-align:left;}
* Table .question feature
/* We have some settings to set width of the table : use it */{table-layout:fixed}{width:100%}
/* Basic alignment forced vertical due to bs*/
.ls-answers > tbody > tr > td{vertical-align:middle}
.ls-answers > tbody > tr > th{vertical-align:middle}
.ls-answers .ls-heading > th{vertical-align:bottom}/* class replace multiple tag */
/* Basic alignment base horizontal due to no-more-table*/
.ls-answers tbody td{text-align:center}
.ls-answers td .form-control{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto} /* for .form-control[size] *//* display:inline-block is OK too */
.ls-answers tbody .control-label{text-align:right;}
.ls-answers .ls-heading th{text-align:center;}
.ls-answers tbody .answertext{text-align:right}
.ls-answers .answertextright{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers tbody .answertext{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers .answertextright{text-align:right}
/* ls-dynamic */
* awesome-bootstrap-checkbox inside table with an sr-only label
* @todo : .dir-rtl
/* reset the margin and review the padding set by bootstrap */ input[type="checkbox"], input[type="radio"]{margin: 0;}
/* We need complete width in array , but don't touch to padding-(top|bottom) */
.dir-ltr .ls-answers,.dir-ltr .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-left: 20px;padding-right: 0;}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers,.dir-rtl .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-right: 20px;padding-left: 0;}
/* show partially sr-only inside table */
.radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{
width: 17px;
height: 17px;
line-height: 21px;
text-indent: 21px;
.dir-ltr .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{left:auto;margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{right:auto;margin-right:-20px;}
/* no margin on label : no margin after and before too */
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item{margin-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item{margin-right:0;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:0;padding-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:0;padding-right:0;}
.checkbox-item {
line-height:17px;width:17px;text-align:center;text-indent: 0;
/* Hide the other content inside sr-only */
.radio-item > * ,.checkbox-item > *{
.dir-ltr .radio-item > * ,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item > * {left:-10000px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item > * ,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item > * {left:-10000px;}
/* hide answers for text-display question */
.boilerplate .answer-container {display:none;}
Max width before this PARTICULAR table gets nasty
For iPads specifically : add this : (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px)
only screen and (max-width: @screen-xs) { td {padding:@table-condensed-cell-padding;}, thead, tbody, th, td, tr {display: block;}
.dir-ltr,.dir-ltr thead,.dir-ltr tbody,.dir-ltr th,.dir-ltr td, tr {text-align:left;}
.dir-rtl,.dir-rtl thead,.dir-rtl tbody,.dir-rtl th,.dir-rtl td, tr {text-align:right;} thead{display:none} /* We don't need it for accessibility : we already have the label */ tbody td{text-align:left;} .information-item:empty{display:none}
.dir-rtl tbody td{text-align:right;}
.ls-answers,.ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding: 4px;}
.dir-ltr .ls-answers,.dir-ltr .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-left: 24px;}
.dir-rtl .ls-answers,.dir-rtl .ls-answers td.checkbox-item{padding-right: 24px;} tbody .control-label{text-align:left}
.dir-rtl tbody .control-label{text-align:right} .answertextright{text-align:right}
.dir-rtl .answertextright{text-align:left}
/* Show the label */ .ls-label-xs-visibility
width: auto;
height: auto;
.dir-ltr .ls-label-xs-visibility{left:auto;}
.dir-rtl .ls-label-xs-visibility{right:auto;} .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility, .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{
line-height: initial;
text-indent: initial;
.dir-ltr .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{margin-left:0;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility{margin-right:0;} .ls-label-xs-visibility > *
.dir-ltr .ls-label-xs-visibility > * {left:auto;}
.dir-rtl .ls-label-xs-visibility > * {right:auto;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:-20px;}
.dir-ltr .radio-item,.dir-ltr .checkbox-item {margin-left:-20px;}
.dir-rtl .radio-item,.dir-rtl .checkbox-item {margin-right:-20px;} > tbody > tr:hover {
background-color: transparent;
/* bs fix */ td.visible-xs, th.visible-xs{display:block !important}
// Variables
// --------------------------------------------------
//== Colors
//## Gray and brand colors for use across Bootstrap.
@gray-base: #000;
@gray-darker: lighten(@gray-base, 13.5%); // #222
@gray-dark: lighten(@gray-base, 20%); // #333
@gray: lighten(@gray-base, 33.5%); // #555
@gray-light: lighten(@gray-base, 46.7%); // #777
@gray-lighter: lighten(@gray-base, 93.5%); // #eee
@brand-primary: darken(#428bca, 6.5%); // #337ab7
@brand-success: #5cb85c;
@brand-info: #5bc0de;
@brand-warning: #f0ad4e;
@brand-danger: #d9534f;
//== Scaffolding
//## Settings for some of the most global styles.
//** Background color for `<body>`.
@body-bg: #fff;
//** Global text color on `<body>`.
@text-color: @gray-dark;
//** Global textual link color.
@link-color: @brand-primary;
//** Link hover color set via `darken()` function.
@link-hover-color: darken(@link-color, 15%);
//** Link hover decoration.
@link-hover-decoration: underline;
//== Typography
//## Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more.
@font-family-sans-serif: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
@font-family-serif: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
//** Default monospace fonts for `<code>`, `<kbd>`, and `<pre>`.
@font-family-monospace: Menlo, Monaco, Consolas, "Courier New", monospace;
@font-family-base: @font-family-sans-serif;
@font-size-base: 14px;
@font-size-large: ceil((@font-size-base * 1.25)); // ~18px
@font-size-small: ceil((@font-size-base * 0.85)); // ~12px
@font-size-h1: floor((@font-size-base * 2.6)); // ~36px
@font-size-h2: floor((@font-size-base * 2.15)); // ~30px
@font-size-h3: ceil((@font-size-base * 1.7)); // ~24px
@font-size-h4: ceil((@font-size-base * 1.25)); // ~18px
@font-size-h5: @font-size-base;
@font-size-h6: ceil((@font-size-base * 0.85)); // ~12px
//** Unit-less `line-height` for use in components like buttons.
@line-height-base: 1.428571429; // 20/14
//** Computed "line-height" (`font-size` * `line-height`) for use with `margin`, `padding`, etc.
@line-height-computed: floor((@font-size-base * @line-height-base)); // ~20px
//** By default, this inherits from the `<body>`.
@headings-font-family: inherit;
@headings-font-weight: 500;
@headings-line-height: 1.1;
@headings-color: inherit;
//== Iconography
//## Specify custom location and filename of the included Glyphicons icon font. Useful for those including Bootstrap via Bower.
//** Load fonts from this directory.
@icon-font-path: "../fonts/";
//** File name for all font files.
@icon-font-name: "glyphicons-halflings-regular";
//** Element ID within SVG icon file.
@icon-font-svg-id: "glyphicons_halflingsregular";
//== Components
//## Define common padding and border radius sizes and more. Values based on 14px text and 1.428 line-height (~20px to start).
@padding-base-vertical: 6px;
@padding-base-horizontal: 12px;
@padding-large-vertical: 10px;
@padding-large-horizontal: 16px;
@padding-small-vertical: 5px;
@padding-small-horizontal: 10px;
@padding-xs-vertical: 1px;
@padding-xs-horizontal: 5px;
@line-height-large: 1.3333333; // extra decimals for Win 8.1 Chrome
@line-height-small: 1.5;
@border-radius-base: 4px;
@border-radius-large: 6px;
@border-radius-small: 3px;
//** Global color for active items (e.g., navs or dropdowns).
@component-active-color: #fff;
//** Global background color for active items (e.g., navs or dropdowns).
@component-active-bg: @brand-primary;
//** Width of the `border` for generating carets that indicate dropdowns.
@caret-width-base: 4px;
//** Carets increase slightly in size for larger components.
@caret-width-large: 5px;
//== Tables
//## Customizes the `.table` component with basic values, each used across all table variations.
//** Padding for `<th>`s and `<td>`s.
@table-cell-padding: 8px;
//** Padding for cells in `.table-condensed`.
@table-condensed-cell-padding: 5px;
//** Default background color used for all tables.
@table-bg: transparent;
//** Background color used for `.table-striped`.
@table-bg-accent: #f9f9f9;
//** Background color used for `.table-hover`.
@table-bg-hover: #f5f5f5;
@table-bg-active: @table-bg-hover;
//** Border color for table and cell borders.
@table-border-color: #ddd;
//== Buttons
//## For each of Bootstrap's buttons, define text, background and border color.
@btn-font-weight: normal;
@btn-default-color: #333;
@btn-default-bg: #fff;
@btn-default-border: #ccc;
@btn-primary-color: #fff;
@btn-primary-bg: @brand-primary;
@btn-primary-border: darken(@btn-primary-bg, 5%);
@btn-success-color: #fff;
@btn-success-bg: @brand-success;
@btn-success-border: darken(@btn-success-bg, 5%);
@btn-info-color: #fff;
@btn-info-bg: @brand-info;
@btn-info-border: darken(@btn-info-bg, 5%);
@btn-warning-color: #fff;
@btn-warning-bg: @brand-warning;
@btn-warning-border: darken(@btn-warning-bg, 5%);
@btn-danger-color: #fff;
@btn-danger-bg: @brand-danger;
@btn-danger-border: darken(@btn-danger-bg, 5%);
@btn-link-disabled-color: @gray-light;
// Allows for customizing button radius independently from global border radius
@btn-border-radius-base: @border-radius-base;
@btn-border-radius-large: @border-radius-large;
@btn-border-radius-small: @border-radius-small;
//== Forms
//** `<input>` background color
@input-bg: #fff;
//** `<input disabled>` background color
@input-bg-disabled: @gray-lighter;
//** Text color for `<input>`s
@input-color: @gray;
//** `<input>` border color
@input-border: #ccc;
// TODO: Rename `@input-border-radius` to `@input-border-radius-base` in v4
//** Default `.form-control` border radius
// This has no effect on `<select>`s in some browsers, due to the limited stylability of `<select>`s in CSS.
@input-border-radius: @border-radius-base;
//** Large `.form-control` border radius
@input-border-radius-large: @border-radius-large;
//** Small `.form-control` border radius
@input-border-radius-small: @border-radius-small;
//** Border color for inputs on focus
@input-border-focus: #66afe9;
//** Placeholder text color
@input-color-placeholder: #999;
//** Default `.form-control` height
@input-height-base: (@line-height-computed + (@padding-base-vertical * 2) + 2);
//** Large `.form-control` height
@input-height-large: (ceil(@font-size-large * @line-height-large) + (@padding-large-vertical * 2) + 2);
//** Small `.form-control` height
@input-height-small: (floor(@font-size-small * @line-height-small) + (@padding-small-vertical * 2) + 2);
//** `.form-group` margin
@form-group-margin-bottom: 15px;
@legend-color: @gray-dark;
@legend-border-color: #e5e5e5;
//** Background color for textual input addons
@input-group-addon-bg: @gray-lighter;
//** Border color for textual input addons
@input-group-addon-border-color: @input-border;
//** Disabled cursor for form controls and buttons.
@cursor-disabled: not-allowed;
//== Dropdowns
//## Dropdown menu container and contents.
//** Background for the dropdown menu.
@dropdown-bg: #fff;
//** Dropdown menu `border-color`.
@dropdown-border: rgba(0,0,0,.15);
//** Dropdown menu `border-color` **for IE8**.
@dropdown-fallback-border: #ccc;
//** Divider color for between dropdown items.
@dropdown-divider-bg: #e5e5e5;
//** Dropdown link text color.
@dropdown-link-color: @gray-dark;
//** Hover color for dropdown links.
@dropdown-link-hover-color: darken(@gray-dark, 5%);
//** Hover background for dropdown links.
@dropdown-link-hover-bg: #f5f5f5;
//** Active dropdown menu item text color.
@dropdown-link-active-color: @component-active-color;
//** Active dropdown menu item background color.
@dropdown-link-active-bg: @component-active-bg;
//** Disabled dropdown menu item background color.
@dropdown-link-disabled-color: @gray-light;
//** Text color for headers within dropdown menus.
@dropdown-header-color: @gray-light;
//** Deprecated `@dropdown-caret-color` as of v3.1.0
@dropdown-caret-color: #000;
//-- Z-index master list
// Warning: Avoid customizing these values. They're used for a bird's eye view
// of components dependent on the z-axis and are designed to all work together.
// Note: These variables are not generated into the Customizer.
@zindex-navbar: 1000;
@zindex-dropdown: 1000;
@zindex-popover: 1060;
@zindex-tooltip: 1070;
@zindex-navbar-fixed: 1030;
@zindex-modal-background: 1040;
@zindex-modal: 1050;
//== Media queries breakpoints
//## Define the breakpoints at which your layout will change, adapting to different screen sizes.
// Extra small screen / phone
//** Deprecated `@screen-xs` as of v3.0.1
@screen-xs: 480px;
//** Deprecated `@screen-xs-min` as of v3.2.0
@screen-xs-min: @screen-xs;
//** Deprecated `@screen-phone` as of v3.0.1
@screen-phone: @screen-xs-min;
// Small screen / tablet
//** Deprecated `@screen-sm` as of v3.0.1
@screen-sm: 768px;
@screen-sm-min: @screen-sm;
//** Deprecated `@screen-tablet` as of v3.0.1
@screen-tablet: @screen-sm-min;
// Medium screen / desktop
//** Deprecated `@screen-md` as of v3.0.1
@screen-md: 992px;
@screen-md-min: @screen-md;
//** Deprecated `@screen-desktop` as of v3.0.1
@screen-desktop: @screen-md-min;
// Large screen / wide desktop
//** Deprecated `@screen-lg` as of v3.0.1
@screen-lg: 1200px;
@screen-lg-min: @screen-lg;
//** Deprecated `@screen-lg-desktop` as of v3.0.1
@screen-lg-desktop: @screen-lg-min;
// So media queries don't overlap when required, provide a maximum
@screen-xs-max: (@screen-sm-min - 1);
@screen-sm-max: (@screen-md-min - 1);
@screen-md-max: (@screen-lg-min - 1);
//== Grid system
//## Define your custom responsive grid.
//** Number of columns in the grid.
@grid-columns: 12;
//** Padding between columns. Gets divided in half for the left and right.
@grid-gutter-width: 30px;
// Navbar collapse
//** Point at which the navbar becomes uncollapsed.
@grid-float-breakpoint: @screen-sm-min;
//** Point at which the navbar begins collapsing.
@grid-float-breakpoint-max: (@grid-float-breakpoint - 1);
//== Container sizes
//## Define the maximum width of `.container` for different screen sizes.
// Small screen / tablet
@container-tablet: (720px + @grid-gutter-width);
//** For `@screen-sm-min` and up.
@container-sm: @container-tablet;
// Medium screen / desktop
@container-desktop: (940px + @grid-gutter-width);
//** For `@screen-md-min` and up.
@container-md: @container-desktop;
// Large screen / wide desktop
@container-large-desktop: (1140px + @grid-gutter-width);
//** For `@screen-lg-min` and up.
@container-lg: @container-large-desktop;
//== Navbar
// Basics of a navbar
@navbar-height: 50px;
@navbar-margin-bottom: @line-height-computed;
@navbar-border-radius: @border-radius-base;
@navbar-padding-horizontal: floor((@grid-gutter-width / 2));
@navbar-padding-vertical: ((@navbar-height - @line-height-computed) / 2);
@navbar-collapse-max-height: 340px;
@navbar-default-color: #777;
@navbar-default-bg: #f8f8f8;
@navbar-default-border: darken(@navbar-default-bg, 6.5%);
// Navbar links
@navbar-default-link-color: #777;
@navbar-default-link-hover-color: #333;
@navbar-default-link-hover-bg: transparent;
@navbar-default-link-active-color: #555;
@navbar-default-link-active-bg: darken(@navbar-default-bg, 6.5%);
@navbar-default-link-disabled-color: #ccc;
@navbar-default-link-disabled-bg: transparent;
// Navbar brand label
@navbar-default-brand-color: @navbar-default-link-color;
@navbar-default-brand-hover-color: darken(@navbar-default-brand-color, 10%);
@navbar-default-brand-hover-bg: transparent;
// Navbar toggle
@navbar-default-toggle-hover-bg: #ddd;
@navbar-default-toggle-icon-bar-bg: #888;
@navbar-default-toggle-border-color: #ddd;
//=== Inverted navbar
// Reset inverted navbar basics
@navbar-inverse-color: lighten(@gray-light, 15%);
@navbar-inverse-bg: #222;
@navbar-inverse-border: darken(@navbar-inverse-bg, 10%);
// Inverted navbar links
@navbar-inverse-link-color: lighten(@gray-light, 15%);
@navbar-inverse-link-hover-color: #fff;
@navbar-inverse-link-hover-bg: transparent;
@navbar-inverse-link-active-color: @navbar-inverse-link-hover-color;
@navbar-inverse-link-active-bg: darken(@navbar-inverse-bg, 10%);
@navbar-inverse-link-disabled-color: #444;
@navbar-inverse-link-disabled-bg: transparent;
// Inverted navbar brand label
@navbar-inverse-brand-color: @navbar-inverse-link-color;
@navbar-inverse-brand-hover-color: #fff;
@navbar-inverse-brand-hover-bg: transparent;
// Inverted navbar toggle
@navbar-inverse-toggle-hover-bg: #333;
@navbar-inverse-toggle-icon-bar-bg: #fff;
@navbar-inverse-toggle-border-color: #333;
//== Navs
//=== Shared nav styles
@nav-link-padding: 10px 15px;
@nav-link-hover-bg: @gray-lighter;
@nav-disabled-link-color: @gray-light;
@nav-disabled-link-hover-color: @gray-light;
//== Tabs
@nav-tabs-border-color: #ddd;
@nav-tabs-link-hover-border-color: @gray-lighter;
@nav-tabs-active-link-hover-bg: @body-bg;
@nav-tabs-active-link-hover-color: @gray;
@nav-tabs-active-link-hover-border-color: #ddd;
@nav-tabs-justified-link-border-color: #ddd;
@nav-tabs-justified-active-link-border-color: @body-bg;
//== Pills
@nav-pills-border-radius: @border-radius-base;
@nav-pills-active-link-hover-bg: @component-active-bg;
@nav-pills-active-link-hover-color: @component-active-color;
//== Pagination
@pagination-color: @link-color;
@pagination-bg: #fff;
@pagination-border: #ddd;
@pagination-hover-color: @link-hover-color;
@pagination-hover-bg: @gray-lighter;
@pagination-hover-border: #ddd;
@pagination-active-color: #fff;
@pagination-active-bg: @brand-primary;
@pagination-active-border: @brand-primary;
@pagination-disabled-color: @gray-light;
@pagination-disabled-bg: #fff;
@pagination-disabled-border: #ddd;
//== Pager
@pager-bg: @pagination-bg;
@pager-border: @pagination-border;
@pager-border-radius: 15px;
@pager-hover-bg: @pagination-hover-bg;
@pager-active-bg: @pagination-active-bg;
@pager-active-color: @pagination-active-color;
@pager-disabled-color: @pagination-disabled-color;
//== Jumbotron
@jumbotron-padding: 30px;
@jumbotron-color: inherit;
@jumbotron-bg: @gray-lighter;
@jumbotron-heading-color: inherit;
@jumbotron-font-size: ceil((@font-size-base * 1.5));
@jumbotron-heading-font-size: ceil((@font-size-base * 4.5));
//== Form states and alerts
//## Define colors for form feedback states and, by default, alerts.
@state-success-text: #3c763d;
@state-success-bg: #dff0d8;
@state-success-border: darken(spin(@state-success-bg, -10), 5%);
@state-info-text: #31708f;
@state-info-bg: #d9edf7;
@state-info-border: darken(spin(@state-info-bg, -10), 7%);
@state-warning-text: #8a6d3b;
@state-warning-bg: #fcf8e3;
@state-warning-border: darken(spin(@state-warning-bg, -10), 5%);
@state-danger-text: #a94442;
@state-danger-bg: #f2dede;
@state-danger-border: darken(spin(@state-danger-bg, -10), 5%);
//== Tooltips
//** Tooltip max width
@tooltip-max-width: 200px;
//** Tooltip text color
@tooltip-color: #fff;
//** Tooltip background color
@tooltip-bg: #000;
@tooltip-opacity: .9;
//** Tooltip arrow width
@tooltip-arrow-width: 5px;
//** Tooltip arrow color
@tooltip-arrow-color: @tooltip-bg;
//== Popovers
//** Popover body background color
@popover-bg: #fff;
//** Popover maximum width
@popover-max-width: 276px;
//** Popover border color
@popover-border-color: rgba(0,0,0,.2);
//** Popover fallback border color
@popover-fallback-border-color: #ccc;
//** Popover title background color
@popover-title-bg: darken(@popover-bg, 3%);
//** Popover arrow width
@popover-arrow-width: 10px;
//** Popover arrow color
@popover-arrow-color: @popover-bg;
//** Popover outer arrow width
@popover-arrow-outer-width: (@popover-arrow-width + 1);
//** Popover outer arrow color
@popover-arrow-outer-color: fadein(@popover-border-color, 5%);
//** Popover outer arrow fallback color
@popover-arrow-outer-fallback-color: darken(@popover-fallback-border-color, 20%);
//== Labels
//** Default label background color
@label-default-bg: @gray-light;
//** Primary label background color
@label-primary-bg: @brand-primary;
//** Success label background color
@label-success-bg: @brand-success;
//** Info label background color
@label-info-bg: @brand-info;
//** Warning label background color
@label-warning-bg: @brand-warning;
//** Danger label background color
@label-danger-bg: @brand-danger;
//** Default label text color
@label-color: #fff;
//** Default text color of a linked label
@label-link-hover-color: #fff;
//== Modals
//** Padding applied to the modal body
@modal-inner-padding: 15px;
//** Padding applied to the modal title
@modal-title-padding: 15px;
//** Modal title line-height