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......@@ -28,3 +28,26 @@ The default variables use only rem and more contrast
4. Update `lessc` generator line to use your prefered theme.
5. Move variations directory and bootstrap.css to your [skelvanilla]( extended model
6. Add your own variation in [skelvanilla]( config.xml file at `availablevariations` part.
### Single variation creation ##
With `` you can create your own boostrap.css and the related variation. It's the simpliest way to get needed file for your template.
1. Create a directory in `variablesnames` directory
2. Put your own variables.less in this directory
3. Add other files (see `skelvanilla-default` directory for used files)
4. Launch script : `sh variablename [theme]` (default theme is `button_awesome`)
5. Update skelvanilla **Available variation** at global level to
"variablename": {
"name": "Variable Name",
"base": "1",
"button": "1",
"awesome": "1",
"button_awesome": "1"
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