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[doc] Fix README : Token-based response persistence not activated

parent fec57759
......@@ -22,13 +22,14 @@ This plugin is tested with LimeSurvey 2.73, and 3.16.1
This plugin need 2 surveys with token and not anonymous.
1. Create the 1st survey and add a long text question
- The plugin is done for survey with token, not anonymous, token-based response persistence and allow edit response activated.
2. Create the second survey with
- An hidden question to get the response identification of the first survey (for example surveyLinkSrid)
- Your real question
3. Create and set the token to the 2 surveys with same token list. The second survey must be
- Not anonymous
- Token-based response persistence activated
- Allow multiple responses activated
- **Not anonymous**
- Token-based response **persistence not activated** or **Use left up to 1** (if you wnt to limit number of response by token)
- **Allow multiple responses** activated
4. Update the short text question settings with
- Survey to use: the survey id of the second survey
- Question for response id : the response code for identification (for example surveyLinkSrid)
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