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......@@ -7,16 +7,37 @@ Use question text to create a pdf report : send it by email, save in survey.
### Via GIT
- Go to your LimeSurvey Directory
- Clone in plugins/sendPdfReport directory `git pdfReport`
- Clone in plugins/sendPdfReport directory `git pdfReport`
### Via ZIP dowload
- Download <>
- Extract : `unzip`
- Move the directory to plugins/ directory inside LimeSUrvey
## Documentation
- Create a upload question type
- Activate pdfReport : _Use this question as pdf report._ to _Yes_
- Remind the default system are totally deactivated
- The pdf generated take the text of this question
- Remind the default system of this question are totally deactivated
- Pdf report are saved as files uploaded in survey
- Pdf is done and saved only when survey is activated, and whe user submit the survey
- See other setting
### Style and css usage
The plugin use [tcpdf]( and [WriteHTML function]( The plugin include a basic css file by default. You can replace the css included in the template used by the survey with a `pdfreport.css` in the files directory of the template.
You can use inline style in the content of the question text. For example, you can use `<strong style='color:red;font-size:18pt'>A big and red sentence</strong>`. See more example on tcdpf website : [inline style]( or usage of a [css file]( Remind PDF is not web, usage of position:abolute or float didn't work exactly as excpected.
### New page
Tcpdf can use `<br pagebreak="true" />` or `<page> content </page>` for page broke, you can use it in the content of the question text. HTML is filtered leaving this part.
### Image inclusion
You can include image with `<img src="/upload/files/picture.png" />` or with [Data URI]( All image are validated before included in the pdf and replaced by a white 1px size picture if not available. It's better to use local image (or DATA uri) for speedest generation of the pdf.
## Home page & Copyright
- HomePage <>
- Copyright © 2015-2017 Denis Chenu <>
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