Commit 016d6303 authored by Chenu Denis's avatar Chenu Denis

[fix] Get the survey template for pdf generation

parent e085d40d
......@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ class pdfReport extends PluginBase {
/* OK, we go */
$pdfHelper = new \limeMpdf\helper\limeMpdfHelper();
$pdfHelper = new \limeMpdf\helper\limeMpdfHelper($this->_iSurveyId);
$extraOtions = array();
if($aQuestionsAttributes['pdfReportCreateToc']) {
$extraOtions['h2bookmarks'] = Yii::app()->getConfig('pdfReportToc',array('H1'=>0, 'H2'=>1, 'H3'=>2));
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