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      Dev Fixed invalid mapping of "this" variable for some question types in... · a92dfc6a
      Thomas White authored
      Dev Fixed invalid mapping of "this" variable for some question types in em_validation_q and em_validation_sq
      Dev Added em_validation_q to question types S,T,U,N so can use CSS styling to show validity of their data entry fields (e.g. color code pink if not valid)
      Dev Fixed templates so that textarea can show pink background if fail the validation criteria
      Dev Added survey to demonstrate and test use of em_validation_sq feature and the "this" variable
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      Updated dev branch to agree with 1.92 RC4 release · fa7fc0a1
      Thomas White authored
      Fixes some previous merge attempts that failed to remove diff marks (so code did not run)
      Below is the log of changes from the last two weeks.  Some of these may duplicate the original SVN to Git conversion (and subsequent merge) efforts:
      +Changes from 1.92RC3 (build 12204) to 1.92RC4 (build 12453) Feb 14, 2012
      +#Updated language: German (maziminke)
      ++New Feature Each type of validation tip can be styled separately (so if a question fails validation checks, you can see whether it is because of wrong number of answers, wrong value range, wrong sum range, or wrong regex criteria). (tmswhite)
      ++New feature #5780 : information when there are no match label set (shnoulle)
      ++New feature : javascript question type selector and Editarea template can be desactivated by user (shnoulle)
      +-Fix for bug #05779: When "Edit this response" the responses from Array (Numbers) question type are lost (maziminke)
      +-Fix: Added missing information about a token being required for sending invitations. (maziminke)
      +-Fixed  issue #05772: Slider "total" and "remaining" values are not rounded (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed PostgreSQL installation issues (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed casing for showxquestions field (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed casing on showxquestions field (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue  #05694: Map needs to be reset when shown by conditions/EM (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue  #05768: In List with Comment type, if set to mandatory, the comment is also required (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #04948: "label for' tags for certain forms fields (ssachdeva)
      +-Fixed issue #04948: "label for' tags for certain forms fields (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05424: validation fails on mandatory comment field in list(radio) (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05566: Survey and e-mails use different methods to include token data (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05602: Graphs show wrong counts (ssachdeva)
      +-Fixed issue #05679: Questions conditional upon previous questions do not appear until "Next" button is pressed (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05690: Logic File does not show sub-question level default values (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05696: Embedded JavaScript is fired when editing questions (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05698: All question block have input-error class (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05700: Cannot switch language to German-Informal (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05702: Invalid question - probably missing sub-questions or language-specific settings for language en (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05703: min_answers and max_answers for dual-scale are not correct (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05704: Some missing Tips (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05707: Users won't understand regular expression and equation-based validation tips (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05708: Questions that fail validation criteria are colored red before user ever gets to it (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05709: Validation tips not appearing for questions that have relevance equations (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05711: Auto tab ordering no longer working (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05716: How should equations referencing always-hidden variables be handled? (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05725: Server crash (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05726: Notices when testing survey (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05730: Error in citronade Question template: 'squid' and 'aid' not found in replacement.php (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05732: Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects at most 3 parameters (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05736: At question type selection some sample images are not shown completely (ssachdeva)
      +-Fixed issue #05744: EM introduces in-line .css changes (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05748: If export a survey, delete it, then re-import it, get multiple undefined index errors (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05753: Wrong question index marks (white) when using timer (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05755: Validation tips do not appear if hide_tip option is used, even if there are errors (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05759: Default date based on token gives incorrect result (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05761: values from non-hidden equations are not written the the database (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05765: other_numbers_only advanced question option not working (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05769: In multiple choice question with comment, it always shows 'please also fill in "other comment" field' (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05771: ExprMgr_process_relevance_and_tailoring need more and more time after page reload (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05773: Preview image for question type "equation" missing (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05777: performance issue: lots of irrelevant javacript is called with each onchange event (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05782: Mandatory date doesn't block the survey if empty (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05785: in all-in-one survey mode, questions whose tailoring depends entirely on out-of-group variables is not happening (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05803: cascading equation calculations not working (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05804: Equation question type does not work in all templates (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05805: some question types do not accept negative numbers (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #5589: Error messages when user deletes himself (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5592: Wrong answer mapping for dual scale matrix in detailed admin notification email (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5648: Quota list of questions is not sorted (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5656: Problem to differentiate between normal survey participation and test mode (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5658: Notices when importing survey (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5675: Warning when using wrong formatted validation (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5688: Quota answers not in base language (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5695: When creating a survey 'List survey publicly' defaults to Yes instead of Np (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5734: Problem upgrading from 1.72 to 1.91+ (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5739: Wrong percentage in graphs with List with Comments question types (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5749: Wrong date conversion when using certain date formats (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5751: Quick translation - assignment problem with dual matrix (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5756: Activate Survey screen always in base survey language (c_schmitz)
      +-Fixed issue #5743 : Unactivated JS for star rating system / Section 508 issue (shnoulle)
      +-Fixed issue: SQL error on translation (shnoulle)
      +-Fixed issue EM unable to recognize nested curly braces or curly braces within strings within curly braces (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue LS stores entire fieldmap in session twice (so large memory consumption) (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue Typo prevents display of save message in basic template (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue Validation test survey shows all excluded options when first loaded, but they should start hidden. (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05770: row-level missing mandatory annotations are not shown (tmswhite)
      +-Fixed issue #05701: Exclusive option with more than one subquestion in multiple choice question doesn't work anymore (tmswhite)
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      Dev Completed port of 1.92 RC2+ revision 12117 to Yii · 02bd14ed
      Thomas White authored
      Dev Survey-taking works (minus some  session management problems  - if you go back, or repeat a page due to errors, all data on that page is lost) in test mode
      Dev Tracked down many bugs  so that all  of the LS2 demos work from start to finish (see /docs/demosurveys)
      Dev Printable Survey and  Data Entry screens  work
      Dev Dev Show Logic File with click-able relevance equations works
      Dev All new functionality from 1.92 RC2 (like array_filter on all array/multiple question types), and sub-question-level validation works.
      git-svn-id: file:///Users/Shitiz/Downloads/lssvn/source/limesurvey_yii@12123 b72ed6b6-b9f8-46b5-92b4-906544132732
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      New Feature #05103: Support conditional piping/tailoring and complex... · ce4cf1c4
      Thomas White authored
      New Feature #05103: Support conditional piping/tailoring and complex calculations via embedded equation parser
      New Feature #05104: Create new question type for stored calculation results, called Equation
      New Feature #05268: Do all LimeReplacementField and Token replacements in a single function
      New Feature #05269: Use ExpressionManager for Branching logic as optional alternative to Conditions
      New Feature #05288: Optionally replace Assessments with ExpressionManager features
      New Feature #05279: Add a GUI for ExpressionManager
      New Feature Show Logic File for Entire Survey, with all conditions, validation, and tailoring
      git-svn-id: file:///Users/Shitiz/Downloads/lssvn/source/limesurvey_dev@11664 b72ed6b6-b9f8-46b5-92b4-906544132732