Commit efae20fb authored by Carsten Schmitz's avatar Carsten Schmitz

Fixed issue #7908: When entering a protected survey password text field is readable

parent 8b67ec08
......@@ -1380,10 +1380,10 @@
echo '<div id="wrapper"><p id="tokenmessage">'.$clang->gT("This is a controlled survey. You need a valid token to participate.")."<br />";
echo $clang->gT("If you have been issued a token, please enter it in the box below and click continue.")."</p>
<script type='text/javascript'>var focus_element='#token';</script>"
.CHtml::form(array("/survey/index/sid/{$surveyid}"), 'post', array('id'=>'tokenform'))."
.CHtml::form(array("/survey/index/sid/{$surveyid}"), 'post', array('id'=>'tokenform','autocomplete'=>'off'))."
<label for='token'><?php $clang->eT("Token:");?></label><input class='text <?php echo $kpclass?>' id='token' type='text' name='token' />
<label for='token'><?php $clang->eT("Token:");?></label><input class='text <?php echo $kpclass?>' id='token' type='password' name='token' value='' />
echo "<input type='hidden' name='sid' value='".$surveyid."' id='sid' />
<input type='hidden' name='lang' value='".$templang."' id='lang' />";
......@@ -1553,7 +1553,7 @@
<input type='hidden' name='loadpass' value='".htmlspecialchars($_GET['loadpass'])."' id='loadpass' />";
echo '<label for="token">'.$clang->gT("Token")."</label><input class='text' type='text' id='token' name='token'></li>";
echo '<label for="token">'.$clang->gT("Token")."</label><input class='text' type='password' id='token' name='token'></li>";
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