Commit 4092f64e authored by Tal Tabakman's avatar Tal Tabakman

Update template-rtl.css

parent d2d1ea1b
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ dd {
.survey-question-help img {
padding: 0 0 0 10px;
.asterisk {padding-left:1em;}
.choice-5-pt-radio .survey-question-answer li,.list-radio-flexible .survey-question-answer li,.list-radio .survey-question-answer li,.list-with-comment .survey-question-answer li,.multiple-opt .survey-question-answer li,.multiple-opt-comments .survey-question-answer li,.multiple-short-txt .survey-question-answer li,.numeric-multi .survey-question-answer li,.yes-no .survey-question-answer li,.gender .survey-question-answer li
......@@ -161,3 +162,5 @@ ul.cols-2 li,ul.cols-2-ul,ul.cols-3 li,ul.cols-3-ul,ul.cols-4 li,ul.cols-4-ul,ul
.dragDropTable .dragDropChoiceList li span.DDRnumberprefix {
float: right;
.answertext {text-align:right;}
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