Commit 2c8887ee authored by Carsten Schmitz's avatar Carsten Schmitz

Release 2.6.5-lts Build 171018

parent f332bbdb
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
$config['versionnumber'] = "2.6.4-lts";
$config['versionnumber'] = "2.6.5-lts";
$config['dbversionnumber'] = 184;
$config['buildnumber'] = '';
$config['updatable'] = true;
......@@ -59,6 +59,16 @@ Thank you to everyone who helped with this new release!
Changes from 2.6.4LTS (build 170202) to 2.6.5LTS (build 171018) Oct 18, 2017
-Fixed issue #12234: [security] XSS in browse response (Denis Chenu)
-Fixed issue #12234: [security] XSS in upload files (Denis Chenu)
-Fixed issue: Adding missing 'Permission::model()->' to the permissions check in remote control export_timeline function (Stefan Verweij)
-Fixed issue: Avoid very rare possible duplicate id on a page (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue: Database integrity tool not working (Andrés Folgado, Denis Chenu)
-Fixed issue: Error on update for some token tables (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue: Replacing `@@SURVEYURL@@` incorrectly in RPC (#631) (Frederik Prijck)
-Fixed issue: Wrong url generation for survey new test, that could lead to session problem when combined with wrong resources url (eg: favicon). (LouisGac)
Changes from 2.6.3LTS (build 170112) to 2.6.4LTS (build 170202) Feb 3, 2017
-Fixed issue #12078: Email sending problems with unvalidated SSL certificates (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #12093: Error when editing email templates und using PHP7 (Carsten Schmitz)
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