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    Squashed commit of the following: · 156741a8
    Sanmay Joshi authored
    commit 451e9e68
    Author: SanmayJoshi
    Date:   Wed Dec 11 20:43:16 2019 +0530
        Updated overall styling and presentation
        * Updated main.scss for ratings infocard and table html element
        * Added internal links to software pages
        * Corrected links in 404.html and footer
        * Updated layouts/software/list.html to a newer and uniform look
        * Updated layouts/software/single.html to making Ratings infocard convey information in an elegant way and a few minor updates to info for infocards
    commit e9d271ec
    Author: SanmayJoshi <[email protected]>
    Date:   Tue Dec 10 11:14:22 2019 +0530
        Minor fixes and changes
        * Icon for "explore" on home page corrected
        * "all icons.html" file renamed to "all-icons.html" and updated its layout to be usable
        * Other minor fixes and changes
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