1. 17 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Improve error handling: no ignored errors · 3a749f9a
      Michael Bryant authored
      The point of the "OrDefault" functions was originally to provide a
      default value for if the configuration option was not present. The
      original implementation returned the default if any errors occurred,
      which could cause improper configurations to go unnoticed.
      Now the default is only used if the interface is nil, otherwise the
      error is returned.
      Errors now contain the improper value, to give more context as to where
      the error occurred.
      Errors were originally based on constant strings so the error could be
      checked against the string to see if that's the error it was. With calls
      to fmt.Errorf, this no longer works, so there are new helper functions
      to determine if an error is of a specfic type. These functions assume
      only errors from interparser are given to them, so errors from elsewhere
      may cause false positives.
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      Add parsing functions for basic Go types · 2b346d6f
      Michael Bryant authored
      This commit adds basic parsing for string, int64, float64, bool,
      []interface{}, and map[string]interface{}, as these are the basic
      types that will get parsed from configuration files.