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    Prepartions for Gnuastro 0.19 · 0817a658
    Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    Until now, many commits have been made and many new features have been
    added since version 0.18 of Gnuastro. So its time for a new release
    With this commit, the following steps have been done:
     - The 'NEWS' file version information have been added on top of the newly
       added parts.
     - The 'doc/announce-acknowledge.txt' contents were removed and will be
       included in announcement of version 0.19.
     - Book: a spellcheck was applied to the newly added parts (since version
       0.18) and all typos that were found have been fixed. Also, the bleeding
       edge notice on the first page has been commented.
     - The webpage HTML files were updated to include the version 0.19 links,
       and a new set of links under the videos to show the main newly added