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Update texts.xml from TMW2

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Author: 4144
<!-- Author: Saulc, 4144
Copyright (C) 2017 Evol Online -->
<text show="true">hello</text>
<text show="true">goodbye</text>
<text show="true">follow me</text>
<text show="true">follow</text>
<text show="true">stop</text>
<text show="true">help</text>
<text>i need help</text>
<text show="true">go away</text>
<text show="true">bot</text>
<text show="true">Hello</text>
<text show="true">Goodbye</text>
<text show="true">Thank you</text>
<text show="true">Good job</text>
<text show="true">I need help</text>
<text show="true">Heal me</text>
<text show="true">Follow me</text>
<text show="true">Stop</text>
<text show="true">Watch Out</text>
<text show="true">Go away</text>
<text show="true">I need help</text>
<text show="true">Speak to this NPC</text>
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