Commit e49a2c5b authored by Jan Oliver Oelerich's avatar Jan Oliver Oelerich

Improved mpi wrapper class

parent bc8586e6
......@@ -558,10 +558,7 @@ void Simulation<prec_t>::multisliceMaster(const SimulationState &st) {
// We loop here until a valid MPI request comes in. When it does, process the results and
// send out a new work package.
do {
int message_found = 0;
mpi_env.iprobe(mpi::Environment::ANY_SOURCE, mpi::Environment::MPI_RESULT, message_found, s);
if(message_found) {
if(mpi_env.iprobe(mpi::Environment::ANY_SOURCE, mpi::Environment::MPI_RESULT, s)) {
PRINT_DIAGNOSTICS(output::fmt("receiving result from %d", s.source()));
mpi_env.recv(_serialization_buffer, s.source(), s.tag());
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