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Project homepage and documentation: ``<>
The *STEMsalabim* software aims to provide accurate scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) image simulation of
a specimen whose atomic structure is known. It implements the frozen lattice multi-slice algorithm as described in great
Citing STEMsalabim
A technical paper introducing STEMsalabim is published in the `Ultramicroscopy <>`_
journal: `STEMsalabim article <>`_
If you use our program or its results, please cite us. You may use the following bibTeX entry:
title = "STEMsalabim: A high-performance computing cluster friendly code for scanning transmission electron microscopy image simulations of thin specimens",
journal = "Ultramicroscopy",
volume = "177",
number = "",
pages = "91 - 96",
year = "2017",
note = "",
issn = "0304-3991",
doi = "",
url = "",
author = "Jan Oliver Oelerich and Lennart Duschek and Jürgen Belz and Andreas Beyer and Sergei D. Baranovskii and Kerstin Volz",
keywords = "Multislice simulations",
keywords = "Electron scattering factors",
keywords = "MPI",
keywords = "Phonons"
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.. _changelog:
What's new
STEMsalabim 3.0.0
January 3rd, 2018
- Reworked input/output file format.
- Reworked CBED storing. Blank areas due to bandwidth limiting are now removed.
- Changes to the configuration, mainly to defocus series.
- Compression can be switched on and off via config file now.
- Prepared the project for adding a Python API in the future.
- Added tapering to smoothen the atomic potential at the edges as explained in
`I. Lobato, et al, Ultramicroscopy 168, 17 (2016) <>`_.
- Added analysis scripts for Python and MATLAB to the Si 001 example.
STEMsalabim 2.0.0
August 1st, 2017
- Changed Documentation generator to Sphinx
- Introduced a lot of memory management to prevent memory fragmentation bugs
- split STEMsalabim into a core library and binaries to ease creation of tools
- Added diagnostics output with --print-diagnostics
- Code cleanup and commenting
STEMsalabim 2.0.0-beta2
April 20th, 2017
- Added possibility to also save CBEDs, i.e., the kx/ky resolved
intensities in reciprocal space.
- Improved documentation.
- Switched to NetCDF C API. Dependency on NetCDF C++ is dropped.
- Switched to distributed (parallel) writing of the NC files, which is
required for the CBED feature. This requires NetCDF C and HDF5 to be
compiled with MPI support.
STEMsalabim 2.0.0-beta
March 27th, 2017
- Lots of code refactoring and cleanup
- Added Doxygen doc strings
- Added Markdown documentation and ``make doc`` target to build this
- Refined the output file structure
- Added HTTP reporting feature
- Added ``fixed_slicing`` option to fix each atom's slice througout the
- Got rid of the boost libraries to ease compilation and installation
STEMsalabim 1.0
November 18th, 2016
- Initial release.
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