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......@@ -14,19 +14,27 @@ SparkIsomap is a tool to efficiently execute Isomap for learning manifolds from
SparkIsomap is entirely self-contained in file SparkIsomap.py. When executing SparkIsomap, provide the following command line parameters:
-f Input data. (.tsv format)
-o Output file name.
-e Spark event log directory.
-C Spark Checkpoint directory.
-b Submatrix block size.
-p Number of partitions.
-n Number of points.
-D Input data dimensionality.
-k Neighborhood size.
-d Reduced dimensionality.
-l Maximum iterations for power iteration.
-t Convergence threshold for power iteration. (Provide EXPONENT, such that 10^-EXPONENT is convergence threshold.)
If you have immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jaric Zola <jaroslaw.zola@hush.com>.