Commit 3840205c by SouthernCross Gaming Committed by Rowedahelicon

# 1.3 -- 5/30/2017

-Added map tiers to the main menu
-Added pagination to map and profiles page to reduce load times
-Adjusted the theme settings to appear nicer
-Fixed a few mistakes (PHP errors and incorrect data being shown)
-Added temporary support for Marcowmaderia's fork of CKSurf which features stage records
-Added a fix_database.php file that will fix a charset issue with the cksurf database (Optional but delete when you're done with it)


I need a copy of a database which features stage record data as I do not run my own server. If you would like to help out, please get in touch with me at my email,
In addition, in order to enable the Macro addition, add this line into your config.php file.

$use_marco_cksurf = '1';

Once I get some more data, I'll iron out any mistakes with stage records in a future update!
Signed-off-by: Rowedahelicon's avatarRowedahelicon <>
parent 96c21635
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