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[![PyPI](]( is an API wrapper for Discord written in Python.
This was written to allow easier writing of bots or chat logs. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the API using the [documentation][doc].
### Breaking Changes
The discord API is constantly changing and the wrapper API is as well. There will be no effort to keep backwards compatibility in versions before `v1.0.0`.
I recommend that you follow the discussion in the [unofficial Discord API discord channel][ch] and update your installation periodically through `pip install --upgrade`. I will attempt to make note of breaking changes in the API channel.
## Installing
Installing the async beta is easy:
pip install git+
Note that this requires `git` to be installed.
## Quick Example
import discord
import asyncio
client = discord.Client()
async def on_ready():
print('Logged in as')
async def on_message(message):
if message.content.startswith('!test'):
counter = 0
tmp = await client.send_message(, 'Calculating messages...')
async for log in client.logs_from(, limit=100):
if ==
counter += 1
await client.edit_message(tmp, 'You have {} messages.'.format(counter))
elif message.content.startswith('!sleep'):
await asyncio.sleep(5)
await client.send_message(, 'Done sleeping')'token')
Note that in Python 3.4 you use `@asyncio.coroutine` instead of `async def` and `yield from` instead of `await`.
You can find examples in the examples directory.
## Requirements
- Python 3.4.2+
- `aiohttp` library
- `websockets` library
- `PyNaCl` library
- On Linux systems this requires the `libffi` library. You can install in
debian based systems by doing `sudo apt-get install libffi-dev`.
Usually `pip` will handle these for you.
## Related Projects
- [discord.js](
- [](
- [Discord.NET](
- [DiscordSharp](
- [Discord4J](
- [discordrb](
This is a Discord music bot that uses the Discord.PY python wrapper for the Discord API which is included in the project.
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