Important note: jMathPaper is now licensed under LGPLv3 (previously was GPLv3).

Download the latest version now.

The release packages have changed with this release. There are no longer platform specific jars and a library jar is now being provided as well as all variants are now available as tar packages.

The SWT GUI has been replaced with a Swing one, as GTK+3 is just unreliable.

Additionally, an experimental TUI2 based on Lanterna is available.

  • #30 Added commands for editing the note.
  • #35 Repurposed the context parameter to mean the context of the paper.
  • #36 Implemented a basic help system.
  • #40 Implemented the copy command.
  • #41 Fixed that "00" would not be recognized as function parameter.
  • #42 Added commands for adding units, prefixes and conversions on the fly.
  • #43 Added a service UI.
  • #45 Relicensed under LGPLv3.
  • #48 Added support for compound units (f.e. km/h).
  • #51 Fixed that the configuration files might be misplaced.
  • #53 Added automatic conversion of units with prefixes to units without (32km = 32000m).
  • #54 A prefix without unit is now being assumed as "1" (1k = 1000).
  • #57 Added support for a paper template.
  • #58 Fixed that results might be incorrectly rounded.
  • #61 Replaced SWT with Swing.
  • #62 Swing and TUI2 now support a preview of the currently typed expression.
  • Added command for adding an alias on the fly.
  • Added various additional default units, prefixes and conversions.
  • Various other fixes.


Download the following if you just want to use it:

Ready to use jars

Packages (all jars separately)

Library release

Yes, it is badly documented, I'm sorry for that. I will fix it some time in the future, but for now it will have to do.

Repository package