Commit 19ebd40e authored by Matthias's avatar Matthias

DOC: remove obsolete additional SNAP config files

parent eec35d19
......@@ -142,18 +142,3 @@ sensing and InSAR:
# add TRAIN config
source /home/username/TRAIN/
* additional configurations for SNAP might be needed:
- Download [`mt_prep_gamma_snap`]( and change the name to `mt_prep_gamma_snap`.
After that, move it to the `bin` folder of your StaMPS installation and set an execution flag manually:
mv /home/username/Downlaods/mt_prep_gamma_snap(changed) /home/username/Downlaods/mt_prep_gamma_snap
mv /home/username/Downlaods/mt_prep_gamma_snap /home/username/StaMPS/bin/
chmod u+x /home/username/StaMPS_v4.1-beta/bin/mt_prep_gamma_snap
- The second changed script is [`ps_load_initial_gamma.m`](
A script with this name is already in the matlab folder of the StaMPS installation. In order to replace it with the downloaded script, I recommend to save the original script.
mv /home/username/StaMPS_4.1-beta/matlab/ps_load_initial_gamma.m /home/username/StaMPS_4.1-beta/matlab/ps_load_initial_gamma_old.m
mv /home/username/Downloads/ps_load_initial_gamma(changed).m /home/username/StaMPS_4.1-beta/matlab/ps_load_initial_gamma.m
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