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# Republic-At-War
##About this Repository
This is the official repository of the mod "Republic at War" for the game "Star Wars Empire at War - Forces of Corruption".
All the code of the current and previeous versions (from 1.1.5) will be published here in addition to the full mod,
which can be downloaded from [](
Based on the code published here everyone is welcome to share new ideas, report bugs and commit pull requests.
If you are unfamiliar with GitHub we would suggest to read [How to post issues]( first.
Beside code you have to options to read through the [Wiki]( The Wiki contains many
additional information about the mod, including news articles, a small development blog and a FAQ.
## What this Repository is NOT
We will not upload the entire mod here. GitHub is not made to be used as a simple storage cloud.
The full mod will avaiable through [](
A detailed insturction how to get the mod can be reviewed in the [Wiki](
## Repository Roadmap
RescueFiles/ contains version specific files for the launcher
Themes/ contains GUI design of the launcher
Versions/ contains version specific code of Republic at War
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