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parent 39c7b850
***** 1.2.0-beta1 - 2014-07-14 *****
Pull requests
o Typo in preference name broke key mapping in VNC
o Fix for issue #251: RDP: No caret on explorer address bar and white squares
instead of small icons
o Fix issue with invisible toolbar in fullscreen.
o Fixes from repzilon and Mike Gilbert
+ repzilon
- Replaced missed xzalloc with calloc
- cmake: add WITH_TRANSLATIONS to disable .po files (Fixes: #23)
+ Mike Gilbert
- Remove duplicate Actions key in desktop file
+ repzilon
- Fixed Gentoo QA Notice in desktop file
+ repzilon
- Recompressed icons. Also removed executable bit to some icons
+ repzilon
- freerdp-channels was remed to freerdp-client
+ repzilon
- plugins-rdp: fix crash when free'ing cursor
- Fixes #120: Fix linking of avahi
- cmake: small change in FindAVAHI
- Fixes #113: call add_subdirectory after ALL add_definitions …
- Detect GTK before other packages …
+ repzilon Updated README with GTK2 on uclibc instructions
+ repzilon Merge commit 'b6a55ae6f4633d55f8f03e7ce2eeb5899514a8fc'
+ repzilon Corrected compile warnings
+ repzilon GTK+2 compatibility
* RDP mouse cursor image reference count is no longer decremented. It
probably introduces a memory leak, but decrementing the reference
count causes a segfault.
* The Quick Connect bar of the main window no longer take half of the
window height.
* The protocol selector of the Quick Connect bar looks like a regular
drop-down list on QtCurve theme.
***** 1.0.0 - 2012-02-10 *****
Main program design and functionality:
o Switch to the CMake build system
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