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    Switch back to x11 GTK backend under Wayland · b8c77817
    Giovanni Panozzo authored
    It seems that GTK Clipboard handling under wayland backend is quite broken:
    1) owner-change signal is emitted when the window take focus or is moved,
    not when clipboard owner changes
    2) The signal owner-change event data GdkEventOwnerChange has the "owner"
    field set to NULL, even when the new owner is local to the application
    3) the clipboard owner of a GtkClipboard object is only set
    when we call gtk_clipboard_set_with_owner(), and is not set
    when another process takes clipboard ownership.
    4) Calling gtk_clipboard_set_with_owner() emits owner-change signal
    two times.
    All those problems disappear under XWayland.
    Currently testing on Ubuntu 17.10 GTK 3.33.25.
    Since there are no know workaround in GTK for Remmina to know:
    1) When an external process has taken clipboard ownership
    2) Know if the current clipboard owner is Remmia or not
    we switch back to XWayland.
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