VNC Multimonitor Functionality (need rework, help wanted)

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Note from the Remmina maintainers

The person who developed this patch set is not working on this project.

The patch need some rework, see the comments.

Whoever is willing to help is very welcome

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With this functionality you can select a piece of the monitor, that you received.
It is for example usefull, when you receive two or more monitors in one stream and only want to watch one of them.
It was developed for VNC usage, but should also work for RDP(Maybe what is requested in #376 (closed)).
It was developed with TigerVNC(Windows only and the setting to get all monitors) as server.
The Button, that controls this will be activated by activating keep aspect ratio.
The button has the same look as the duplicate connection button and is next to keep aspect ratio.

I'm a student with less coding and c experience so if there are problems, please help me or make it by yourself.

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