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    Remmina release v1.4.19 · 6a455a18
    Antenore Gatta (tmow) authored
    * Fix Freerdp Git Revision [!2277]( *@matty-r*
    * UI improvements and cleanup [!2278]( *@antenore*
    * Desktop integration for the Remmina SNAP [!2279]( *@antenore*
    * Add process-control to the remmina snap [!2276]( *@antenore*
    * Adding SSH_AGENT support to the snap package [!2280]( *@antenore*
    * Adding option to disable smooth scrolling [!2281]( *@antenore*
    * Scrolled Viewport: use viewport_motion_handler as the only timeout indicator [!2282]( *@cth451*
    * Adding TCP redirection through rdp2tcp [!2283]( *@antenore*
    * Added setting for RDP number of reco...
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