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    README.md: Adapt Michael 'dnsmichi' Friedrich's changes. · 4d235aeb
    Bryce Glover authored
         Change to match my personal style as used in this repository better:
     - In 'References' under 'Useful Links:'
       - Remove @dnsmichi's first HTML comment.  (Merge into my rewrite of his la-
         ter, second comment.)
       - Revert the reference-style link pointing to the HP ZBook 17 G6's Mainte-
         nance and Service Guide back to how I had it in an earlier commit.
     - At the end of this file:
       - Replace @dnsmichi's second HTML comment with one written by me how I would
         compose it.
       - For the reference-style link target:
         - Use 'French' spacing after the colon.
         - Restore its link description.
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