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# Details {#details}
A comprehensive documentation of `GitLab Pages` can be found here:
## `GitLab CI` configuration file {#CI-file-details}
```{r comment=NA, class.output='yaml', echo=FALSE}
readLines("./.gitlab-ci.yml") %>%
grep("image:", ., fixed = TRUE)
......@@ -24,13 +24,18 @@ output:
citation_package: natbib
# Overview: a very simple workflow {-}
# Overview: a simple workflow {-}
```{r include=FALSE}
```{r setup, include=FALSE}
```{r write-bib, include=FALSE}
knitr::write_bib(c(.packages(), 'bookdown'), 'packages.bib')
Publishing a `R` [@R-base] `bookdown` [@R-bookdown] website with [`GitLab Pages`]( is as easy as:
Publishing a `R` [@R-base] `bookdown` [@R-bookdown] website with [`GitLab Pages`]( is as easy as:
- hosting a repository on [`GitLab`](
- adding a configuration file to the project
......@@ -40,16 +45,16 @@ Publishing a `R` [@R-base] `bookdown` [@R-bookdown] website with [`GitLab Pages`
As [`GitHub`](, [`GitLab`]( is a web-based [`Git`]( repository manager. Creating a new project on [`GitLab`]( is fairly intuitive for [`GitHub`]( users. [`GitLab`]( users can create unlimitate private projects for free (see [here](
[`GitLab`]( also offers a continuous integration service ([`GitLab CI`]( and a static websites hosting service ([`GitLab Pages`]( in its free plan ^[CI pipelines are limited to 2,000 minutes per month].
These features are present in the open source software [`GitLab Community Edition (CE)`](
These features are also present in the open source software [`GitLab Community Edition (CE)`](
## Add a `GitLab CI` configuration file {-}
Add the following `.gitlab-ci.yml` file in the root of the project:
```{r comment=NA, class.output='yaml', echo=FALSE}
```{r write-ci-file, comment=NA, class.output='yaml', echo=FALSE}
cat(readChar("./.gitlab-ci.yml", 1e5))
For explanations, see chapter \@ref(details).
For explanations, see section \@ref(CI-file-details).
## See the result {-}
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