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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Publishing a **bookdown** [@R-bookdown] website with [GitLab Pages](https://abou
- adding a configuration file to the project
You will get a hosting service for your **bookdown** book (like GitHub Pages) and great features
which are not available with GitHub Actions:
which are not available with GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages:
- **pull requests previews**
- **a review application dedicated to non git users that allows them to comment on these previews**
......@@ -90,3 +90,10 @@ When the CI job is done, the website is served on GitLab Pages.
CI jobs status can be found in `CI / CD menu > Jobs`. An example, [here](
The address of the `GitLab Pages` project can be found in `Settings > Pages`. An example, [here](
For each merge request, you also can access to a preview version of your website. Here is a demo:
- open [this merge request page](
- click on the button _View app_
- note the **Review** button on the right hand side of the website. With this button, you can leave a feedback on the merge request.
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